Aliens with big heads and long skinny necks

No one wants to face the ugly truth, or be in denial any longer.

But it's time to just get this out there.

Aliens with big heads and long skinny necks don't exist.

I know, I ruined your day... 

Forget the part where you accept or deny evolution.

Just think to yourself, there is no one with a really big head and a long skinny neck on the planet (with homage to the movie, So I Married and Axe Murderer).

The reason is simple, well actually it is complicated, but for the purposes of this post, it's simple, it's gravity.

Gravity is another one of those laws of physics that you can't break because you didn't get extra fries with your McRodent burger and the only answer is rioting or crime. 

There is an actual explanation. 

You see, if you actually did have a really big head, and a long thin neck you would have to come from a planet with really low gravity.

Technically it's possible, if your long skinny neck is made of some kind of steel or the stuff Wolverines claws are made of, then, maybe. 

Because if you didn't, your big head would cause your long skinny neck to snap.  The reason being kind of simple, gravity is pulling the mass that is your big fat alien head down (or to the center is a better way of saying it) on the planet you live on.

This puts a lot of stress on your long skinny neck. 

And if you've ever been to any rock concert where you have to stand up for hours because some dork is blocking your view, eventually your neck gets tired.  Trust me, I've been to a lot of rock concerts, it's the same as having a phd in astrophysics. 

Or if you did have a really big head and a long skinny neck, when you got to our planet, our gravity would cause that same neck to snap.

So E.T. was dead once he landed. Or before he got to phone home, or even send a text saying he would be late  

The aliens from close encounters, dead. 

Most of the aliens from our movies, you guessed it, dead.

Our Zerg overloads may yet prevail, because they don't have big heads and long skinny necks, the Protoss on the other hand are still running 50/50.  But I digress.

Not to get all sciencey and stuff.

Based on all the composition of your planet, the elements, chemicals, water, atmosphere and gravity, stuff, magic, along with where you sit on the predator and prey food chain, that is how you would evolve into the shape you are.

Lots of gravity, your shape is likely lower to the ground.

Very little gravity, you can afford to be taller and thinner.

Or you might be able to be E.T.

So the take away point, the cardashian brood is foreign to our planet and should be captured and  used for medical experimentation.

So remember kids, science can be used for good, not just evil.