TSA, common sense, airports, security, logic...

I had this 42 hundred word essay, diatribe, thesis, or manifesto written about our current state of affairs as it relates to: 

TSA, Airports, Terrorism, logic, politically correct paralysis culture, common sense and a whole lot of other things.

Then I thought, you know what, nothing good will come from this because we aren't into doing smart things.  We are into pleaseing all the people that complain and a bunch of other cynical stuff. 

So I prepared your responses in advance to something I'm not going to post

1) OMG ur a {something that ends with 'ist' or 'phobia'} 

2) Dude, profiling is teh rong, so ur teh rong. 

3) It will never work, we should hug each other

4) ' Merica, fuck yea

5) Nuke the bastards

6) What do you mean you don't like pie? 

7) I blame (trump, obama, clinton, the tea party, the republicans, the democrats or north korean hockey players), so that is why it won't work or will work. 

8) Maybe if you were a vegan this problem would go away

9) This thread worthless without pics

10) Scotty doesn't know