The purity of getting your car washed

It seems every fifth post on social media that isn't about politics or a picture of food is some positive affirmation about life and how to chant like a frog, do the flying goat yoga pose or do some thing that cleanses the soul and shines the chakras.

And if that works for you, not the politics or food part, but the healthy thing about trying to reinforce some positive element in your life than I am all for it. 

I won't even be cynical and laugh at some of them.  But I really want to... 

For me, it's the car wash.  I love driving through the car wash and spending the minute or two with the sights and sounds of high pressure water and multi-colored soap spraying all over my car. 

I find it calming, albeit noisy for a moment or two.   

Its simple. It serves a purpose. It removes surface dirt off of my car and makes things simply look better on the outside. 

And if you extrapolate that into what makes up you, it permeates into your soul for a moment and lets it also shine on the outside. 

I go once a week in the summer months.  Sometimes more. 

I think my positive thoughts. And relax with each breath.

I envision my troubles washing away and I commit to living with less surface dirt a little bit more each time. 

I allow myself to let go. 

I find a great deal of peace in this.