The moving castle

It’s strange, what is in the mind. 

It will be all right.

Because it is in the mind.

It sets us apart. 


Letting go; this time and again.

Fragile voices.; the angels dance.

So long ago. 

It was the ‘Riddle of the steel’ 


Canyons of the night.

Fires dying down. 

The senses of those things. 

Forever; it has been.


Those wings we have found.

To fly away. 

A thousand leagues or more. 

Yet into the night and our abyss.


The depth of the fall, 

None shall see or know. 

I feel again. 

It is the raven; the ‘nevermore’ 


The place that calls will bring me there. 

I rest now, 

So hard, 

So peaceful. 


The castle does move.