Things I need

In no particular order

A 1000 terabyte USB drive for my college text books, technically they are scans of papyrus

A 242 inch 8k UHD tv to play my road warrior VHS tape

A freezer that chills my ice cream to absolute zero kelvin

A kitten with super powers that can summon Victoria or her secret

A fishtank large enough to allow greenpeace to protest my sharks with "lasers" combat trials

A hydrogen filled flying airship to help madonna blow herself (Up), so to speak

My own ketchup and hot sauce factory, I'm bringing sexy back

A dry cleaning store because of my ketchup and hot sauce factory

A textile factory in Mumbai to make me thick socks because Costco never sells them anymore

An underground bunker to complete the Mayan zombie apocalypse experiments

A coffee maker that actually fills my official squirrel mug to the top, I have real world needs also

An A-10 in case the Bundini clan resumes operations

An EF-111 because Scott gets bored so easily and I want him to upgrade the 8 track player to MP3s

And of course, Jennifer Lawrence. Because, well. You know...