Gender at the coffee shop

True story

I'm sitting in a coffee shop. Doing nothing. Which. I'm good at.

Couple at a table next to me

Urban white people with a cause. Aka. The enlightened liberals of Boise.

Probably in HR or something like that.

Talking about some group event they are planning.

One of them says:

"We need to set up flash cards by gender for table assignments to make sure it's balanced."

I don't know what this means. And so far I don't really care. Until.

The guy says:

"Well, how many different kinds of flash cards will we need?"

I am guessing he is saying that two types of cards. Or one for each gender is not enough.

The woman replies, emphatically:

"OMG, I didn't think about that. Great call..."

I was leaving anyway.

As I walked by their table I said.

"17, you will need 17 types of cards"

And I left.