If "Work" logic was applied to my personal life

We have an 8:00 am staff meeting to go over the prior weeks house cleaning results. It looks like we fell behind in the clean dishes being put away and really missed the mark on the vacuuming. There was a slight increase in the 'cleaning up after yourself' but we had a large spike in the xbox hours that we havent been able to nail down the root cause.

I have a teleconference with my wife to go over the capital expenditures year to date to evaluate non allocated funds being spent without Finance approval. We received the invoice from Visa and noticed the discrepancies early but we will need to work on a plan to offset Q3 costs to make up some ground.

I would like to schedule some time to get a scope document for arrival time after social events for some of our staff. It appears we dont have clear policies on checking in and arrival after hours. I will contact HR on this to see if we need to document this as a corrective action or just give a verbal warning this time.

I would like to review the email from your mother about November travel plans. I had thought we had agreed to remain in state this year and invite the other divisions to our office. We have a month or two so this isnt urgent, but we need to make sure we are working with the other divisions to make sure we have continuity.

I received a request to use the company car to transport non company staff to the mall and wanted to make sure it was understood that there is a strict policy on usage of the vehicle and cell phones and returning before 10:00 pm. I dont want another incident like last week when the car wasnt returned until the next day

Finally, I checked with IT and it appears that we lost the data stored on the DVR for 'my shows' and somehow several staff members changed the program priority to save 'their shows' as a top priority. I have a meeting with jack daniels and dr. house tonight and dont want to miss this