1. The behavior of claiming a person or group has been wronged or discriminated against based on a specific demographic or characteristic of that person or group; knowing that the claim is in fact untrue.
  2. The process of making a fraudulent claim to garner attention, sympathy, pity or incite racial tension knowing that the claim is inaccurate or categorically wrong.
  3. Continually making false statements or accusations in order to discredit another person or group; knowing the statements are not true, accurate or reflective of the person or group being accused of a given thing.
  4. An ongoing process where a person exploits sociological tolerances of injustice to isolate an individual or group solely for the purpose of discrediting them.
  5. Profiting from creating or perpetuating racial tensions.

Related forms

Wolf-ist, noun, adjective

Typically ‘wolfist’ Is used to describe the individual person as opposed to the group oriented behavior.

The History of wolfism

Wolfism appears to be a word of very recent origin, with no citations currently known that would suggest the word was in use prior to the early 21st century.

But the fact that the word is fairly new does not prove that the concept of wolfism did not exist in the distant past.


With the advent of the zero research media cycle of baseless claims being perpetuated, wolfism became a new tactic or strategy to discredit anyone of an opposite point of view.  This process tends to be targeted towards a specific group or sub-group within a given society. 

Related Words

race-baiting; segregation, separatism; bigotry, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, narrowness




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