The smugness of atheism

I was driving to the Sacramento airport for my return trip from Fort Bragg when I saw one of those road side sponsor signs that read. "Atheists and other free thinkers"


Now before you react, this isn't about religion, it's about being smug and condescending for no particular reason.


Which is my reaction to this particular road sign.


I find people that label themselves atheists are similar to people that label themself a vegan.  That is, they have some deep seeded need to tell you their belief as though you are less than they are, unenlightened or basically an idiot.


For the most part, I share a few beliefs with both atheists and vegans, just a few however.


"What do you mean, he don't no eat meat... fine, I make him lamb."


What I don't like is the purposeful way that far too many atheists (and vegans) look down on people when they announce their belief.  


If you are so sure of yourself, do you really need to be screaming into the mob?


Most of my stance on this could be summed up with: 'Why bother'. 


You aren't changing anyone's mind.  You aren't going to win any argument and you will come across as kind of a jerk in the process.


Let us for a moment also go to the other side, I don't want to hear about your religion and I sure don't want you knocking on my door to proselytize your dogma, or lack thereof on my Saturday morning.


I find it a waste of energy to discuss these things, and I find it a poor reflection of character to broadcast some of them because of the smugness-overboard quotient.


Then again, no one listens to me anyway.