Knowledge vs. Knowing

I know a lot of stuff.  Most of it is trivia.  Even more of it is completely worthless.

While it may be accurate and true and even factual, I've never actually bothered to verify any of it.   I am a busy person after all.

A poor example: 

The sun is hot and it rises and sets every day. I believe the earth revolves around the sun and that the sun is a long distance away, 

However, for the record, I don't actually have the knowledge that it isn't the god Ra riding his chariot across the sky dragging a ball of fire behind him. I also know that if I can easily drop a reference to the Egyptian god Ra chicks will be impressed.  I have goals. 

You see, knowing is in our common world usage a belief.  Belief is ultimately opinion.

And somewhere there is this old Spanish saying about having too many opinions and how much any given person cares about yours versus a hole in the ground.

Knowledge is the factual verification of knowing so it's better.  

I know we landed on the moon a few times. A few people in my circle of friends know we never landed on the moon a few times.

Which begs the question, how can we both know a thing that is in somewhat complete contradiction of the other?

That is where actual knowledge comes into play.  You verify all those opinions of things you know against facts and people that have studied the given thing.

And I don't mean doubling down on an opinion that simply says what you already said.

Or you can do what is best for everyone, just perpetuate your opinion, or your belief under the guise that your knowing something because of the belief is true. 

It turns out we are wrong about what we know a lot.  

Then again, I believe in unicorns because I saw one in the movie Legend.