Crying wolf

The U.S. has increasingly become overly sensitive to even the whisper of offending anyone.  At the slightest hint of some random person crying wolf we lose our collective minds to appease them as though they have been legitimately been wronged.

In some cases in the past, this was valid.

Not so much anymore.

The reality is now it's a known and quite successful tactic to use by the entitled or those wanting their cause furthered by virtue of claiming they have been victimized.

The truth has no relationship to the claim. That's the best part. 

Herein lies the problem, we don't challenge people on crying wolf when it turns out they were not in fact victimized.  So there is no cause and effect to the process.

If tomorrow some group of North Korean hockey players claims they have been passed over by the NHL because they are from North Korea, there would be protests, ralleys, slogans, chants, marches and worst of all perhaps a facebook overlay for people to show their solidarity.

What we lack is a rational approach to looking at the claims and addressing them as valid or not. 

What we lack is a process. 

Yes, we should correct genuine issues of discrimination and place them on a scale of importance as opposed to simply saying they are valid.  A civilized society works to address their wrong doings.

We should not however negotiate with terrorists and the insane, or North Korean hockey players. 

That however appears to be logical and fact based.

The few times that was unsuccessfully attempted the alleged North Korean hockey players simply doubled down and cried institutional discrimination and with no facts backing them up, the system caved in to the detriment of us all.

We allow the media to feed the claims because it is sensationalized and it simply sells to do this.

And fake news is fake.

The true irony of this is now it's the status quo, crying foul is expected and with no consequence, it will continue.  So now everyone is offended by something.

For the record, no North Korean hockey players were actually named in this post, so you can't use it against me.