Some Observations about applying for a job

---(from 2006)

So one of the things I do at work is to review résumé's and make an initial determination if you get to the hiring manager / director. I have 15 years experience in the specific field we are hiring, so I tend to know enough about the position to make this decision.

Usually I am reviewing for several positions from entry level to management. It would be nice to have these separated when they arrive, but that isn't always the case. Some web job boards just spit them out to you as they show up.

The following are some of the things to consider when applying for a job.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk

1) For the love of gawd, don't use some bizarre font that is either unreadable or you think looks kewl on your myspace page. There is a reason times new roman and arial exist. They are easy to read.

2) Get to the point, what are you applying for. Don't make me guess. Put the name of the position or title in the subject of your email.

3) If you can't spell well, use spell check. No, really, please ! It is spelled Human Resources, not Human Ressources.

4) If you are applying for a Help Desk Technician, don't tell me you don't like working on the phone. Because for some reason I am guessing that could be a showstopper.

5) If you are going to use an email address, please take a second look at the actual email address used. Things like , or are not going to be a good sign of responsibility. While I may want to see the pictures for party_gurl69, I think you are better off with a less problematic name.

6) If you have worked at six different places in the past two years, you might want to provide some explanation as to why. Because you look like a job jumper, which is not a good thing.

7) If you have to list a reason for leaving your last job, and you write down something like ""…I left because I failed a drug test"…" you might not get called for an interview. Same applies to ""…I got fired for stealing"…". Don't wait by the phone for my call.

8) Grammar is more then just a trend. If you apply for a Customer Service Job and put down as your key asset ""…I solve problem for customer when on phone so there is no more problem"…". Again, not sure if you will get the call for an interview.

9) If you list your salary requirement as $15.00 per hour with a minimum of $60,000 per year. Are you assuming you get a large bonus to make up the difference or am I missing something here.

10) Try to keep your résumé' to one page. With a cover letter, you can make it two. But any more then that is pushing it. If you send me seven pages, sorry, I might not get to reading all of it.

11) No Colored Paper ! I don't care that you think (Cal Trans) Orange is Eye Catching. Its ugly, bright and annoying. Same goes with lime green and florescent yellow.

12) If you have been out of high school for more then five years, don't bother with telling me you were the head of the 4H club. That probably isn't relevant anymore to anyone. This only matters if it was the dungeons and dragons club.

13) If your last date of employment was in 2002, you may want to give me some idea why you haven't worked in five years. Its not a showstopper, but it does require some explanation.

14) Writing down ""…Extensive experience with the internet"…" tells me you that you post on forums when you should be working during the day too often. (Note: not that I have ever done this"…).

15) If there is a section that says Do you have reliable transportation, responding with ""…I recently wrecked my car"…" Isn't really in your best interest.

16) If there is a section that asks ""…Are you willing to relocate"…" and you live more then 100 miles away and you answer that question with a No, isn't so smart either.


18) Don't make everything bold.

19) Don't make everything italics.

20) Send attachments in Microsoft Word. Sorry if you hate Bill Gates, but I don't happen to have the latest version of Wordstar, Word Perfect or Lotus Notes on my computer. Love it or hate it, the majority of the business world runs on Microsoft Office.