I get asked on occasion about my religious beliefs.  I usually say I don't have any belief on religion.  

This usually results in way more explanation than I want to give.

The short version is religion is man made and controlled by men.  Believing in god or a higher power is personal.  So to this date, I don't think I have ever actually told anyone what I actually believe.

Instead, I came up with a word that works for me  


phonetic - [uhn-sur-tn-thee-ist]

Synonym, (but not a very good one); Agnostic, but less maudlin.

noun, plural and singular

1. The state of being uncertain About the nature of a power greater than you; doubt; with educated and well read hesitancy:

I would consider myself an uncertaintheist, because I really don't know what I believe about god or a power greater than me, but I believe I am not the beginning or end of my own existence.

2. A person that is open to not knowing exactly what they feel is the nature of divinity, but admits it is possible and likely.

Copyright: Michael Gunn 07/30/2017