Accepting disappointment

We will have good things happen to us in life and we will have bad things happen. 

It is an inevitability that we should accept because it is part of life.  

Now how you accept this is likely a great measure of your character.  

How you deny this is also telling of who you are.  

Denying problems, challenges or burying your head in the sand all the while chanting a positive mantra may make you feel better in the moment but it isn't growth.  

It is denial, it could even be called structured and well organized denial to prevent personal growth.  It is your choice either way. 

Our acceptance and coping of disappointment and problems is how we grow and move forward.  

Unfortunately the self-help crowd doesn't want you to actually do this. It cuts into their sales.  As a great philosopher once said "Be the ball Danny."

Somewhere in past year or two I faced my world view and decided it needed a change. Trust me, it did. I will go into that some other day. 

So fast forward to last night.  

A job I was truly excited for that was in Hawaii. That I really wanted. Well it died.   I was a little surprised.

The HR guy called me and said I wasn't in the final three candidates. I asked why, it didn't matter what the answer was. He simply said I wasn't.  

Great guy. And telling bad news kind of sucks.   So it never entered my mind to shoot the messenger.  

So I had choices.  

Wallow in self imposed misery. Blame the world. Convince myself that it is some conspiracy or that I am the victim of some nefarious plot. And of course a whole lot of other unproductive stuff


Accept it. Learn from it. Change my course. And simply move on.  

I went with the accept, move on and grow choice. 

Because. It is choice. And I am responsible for my actions and how I view the world. 

There will be a whole lot of people that would be shocked I didn't get into the whole blame and deny routine.  I used to.

I picked myself up. Called some friends that wanted to know. Explained that I was ok with this.  

Not much else needed to be said. These things happen.  

Then I decided to move on.  

What a novel concept.  And a liberating one at that.

I find this to be a better fit for my life. I find it to be healthier and I find it allows me to carry less negativity.  

Wait, did he say "Carry less negativity?"  Yes I did.  

And I can smile knowing it will happen again. And that's ok.  

So here is me looking at the coffee stand in the airport as I fly off to another opportunity and I am ok with it.  


Ps - I was going for the sarcastic filter look. I'm bringing sexy back.