Politics, the New York Times and the Clintons

Politics - Disclaimer

Forgetting the New York Times article (link below) is a little slanted, they are still on point.



I don't like the clintons and never have. I really don't like hilliary and never will. She is arrogant and has a sense of entitlement that is offensive to my common sense. She was not owed the presidency. She lost because of her abject narcissism.

She has functionally never held a non-public service job and is worth a billion dollars now, and as a democrat, I would like to know how. Seriously, I would like to know how.

You want to know something, I want to see her taxes for the past ten years. It will never happen.

But that isn't the point. The point is simple.

Stop re-electing the same people over and over. You want to know why we are in the mess we are in. Its because we, yes WE keep putting the same exact people into power. WE refuse to change what WE do and WE don't like the outcome of OUR decisions.

It truly has become our insanity to stay in an abusive relationship with someone that doesn't love us and constantly cheats on us and steals our money in the morning and promises us that they wont do it again tomorrow, and we are easily conned.

I think this of both republicans and democrats. It is just the same thing at the end of the day, regardless of who we elect. I wont lie, cheat or steal, and guess what...

So, stop. Seriously, just stop voting for the people that are not the other other people. It is beyond stupid at this point.

Get out of the idea of blame for a moment and look at cause and effect.

Example, and probably a lame one. I hope you get the point.

There is a problem in Flint Michigan. It has been there for 20 or 30 years or more. The presidents have changed. Congress has had a few minor swings, but ultimately is the same.

The local government has remained a democratic controlled entity through pretty much the entire tenure and people keep electing the same person, same people, same demographic or same party.

And the problem has gone unanswered. And it isn't a new problem

Yea, blame the president, but which one... It isnt the presidents fault in Flint. Not one of the presidents over the past 20 or 30 years.

The bottom line is the people sold themselves to an ideal. To a promise. To a solution that only worked in theory, but never in practice, because it wasn't a solution, it was a series of blaming someone else as a full time job.

It was a constant circular firing squad of who's fault is it and lets talk about fault and blame and talk about a solution, but focus on blame. Because that means the elected officials dont actually have to do anything.

Guess what, nothing changed. And now its actually bad and will cost the rest of the country a billion dollars to fix.

You want to know what the difference between a CEO and an elected official is. Simple, a CEO can get fired for not doing their job, a politician realistically cant.

The government needs to be run by people that are accountable, not by people that make a living off of talking about fault and blame.

My opinion, fire all of the politicians and hire new ones in Flint.

Now extrapolate that to congress.

We need term limits or we need to be ok with the problem that we keep re-electing year after year.

If you dont like your abusive relationship you leave.

You have free will.

If not, take a double shot of the koolaid and go back to keeping up with the cardashians.

I like kittens